During Paris Design Week, Tarkett presents sustainable installations from two young designers

During Paris Design Week, Tarkett presents sustainable installations from two young designers

02nd September 2022

In September, during Paris Design Week, Tarkett will present two exhibitions in the heart of the Marais. The Atelier Tarkett will showcase the work of sculptor Audrey Guimard, curated by the En Bande Organisée design studio. At the Swedish Institute, a study by the young Swedish designer Gustav Winsth, which showcases an array of Tarkett’s materials, will be presented as part of the exhibition Swedish Secrets. For the entire month of September, Swedish Secrets lifts the lid on contemporary Swedish design at the Institut Suédois through showroom installations, talks and seminars.
In these installations by the two young artists and designers, Tarkett will reveal a new form of interaction between creation, innovation, and material.

Audrey Guimard by En Bande Organisée at the Atelier Tarkett

Following the installation produced last March by renowned Paris design studio En Bande Organisée, featuring the new collection Tarkett Lino, Tarkett and En Bande Organisée are teaming up once again at Paris Design Week, with the addition of Audrey Guimard. At the Atelier Tarkett, the young French sculptress presents the exhibition Living Materials, using sustainable and recycled materials, in keeping with Tarkett’s continued commitment to sustainability. As a backdrop of Living Materials, Tarkett Lino, a noble material that evokes memories for many designers, showcases its strong identity using an array of beautiful colours. Tarkett Lino meets outstanding sustainability standards: not only is it made from natural materials (linseed oil, pine resin, wood, cork flour and jute) but it is also fully recyclable after use.
As an artist, sculptress and scenographer with a deep affinity for the environment, Audrey Guimard uses stone and other natural or recycled materials to create ambitious designs, drawing on ancient expertise, and exploring new poetic interpretations of the material.
The Living Matters exhibition can be visited during Paris Design Week (September 9 - 16, 2022)

Gustav Winsth showcased as part of Swedish Secrets at the Swedish Institute

At the Swedish Institute, the young designer Gustav Winsth, who has explored the current issues of circularity, will present his study entitled Cross Section as part of Swedish Secrets. The result is a collection of objects made of materials from Tarkett’s circular selection, including a shelf, bench, and room divider made from recyclable vinyl materials from the iQ Granit and iQ Eminent ranges. The young Swedish designer, winner of the Swedish Young Designers’ Award (Ung Svensk Form), made an impression at the latest Stockholm Creative Edition when he unveiled his pieces in the Cross Section exhibition. Known for combining function and aesthetics in one seamless package, as well as being a circular material that is recyclable after use, Tarkett’s revamped iQ Granit and iQ Eminent ranges host subtle patterns and modern colours, which are magnified in Winsth’s work.
Gustav Winsth trained as a mechanical engineer and studied product design at Beckman School of Design, giving him a unique approach that combines function with beauty, as well as having an innate feel for the handmade. For him, sustainability is the motivation to find new solutions and materials.

Photo credits: Mario Simon Lafleur and Luca Lomazzi / Voyez-vous.