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Tarkett's collaboration with BAUX

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A synchronised colour palette for designing healthier interiors

modern office showcasing the matching possibilities for interior design with DESSO Carpet tiles and BAUX acoustic wall panels

Welcome to a place where the floors and walls play well together.

Brought  together by the shared values of  well-being and environmental  responsibility, here BAUX and Tarkett  unite in a harmonised colour palette.  BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool tiles and  DESSO AirMaster® flooring technology  work effectively to reduce noise and  improve air quality—the perfect  building blocks for creating healthier  and more sustainable interiors where  people can thrive. Let’s play!

BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool

BAUX believes that we can build more restful and contemporary interiors today without compromising the safety and environmental standards of tomorrow. With Acoustic Wood Wool they have combined two of the world’s oldest building materials—wood and cement—to create high-functioning acoustic tiles.

DESSO AirMaster

We are living, breathing beings on a living, breathing planet. That’s why Tarkett believes it is essential to protect the air we breathe. Tarkett’s patented DESSO AirMaster® technology helps to improve indoor air quality by capturing and retaining fine dust eight times more effectively than smooth floors.

An inspirational meeting of function, colour and texture

To build a bridge and get the multi-textural flooring, wall and ceiling surfaces of Tarkett and BAUX to speak the same colour language, we called upon the international design studio Form Us With Love. The result is a thoughtfully coordinated and versatile palette, ranging from grounding minerals to warming florals and lofty  forest hues.

Behind the scenes process of DESSO carpet tiles and BAUX acoustic panels matching colour palette

The Colour Range


Where effortless sophistication,  power plays, and intellectual  conversations begin.  The Midnights Collection was  born in the night sky, wandering  from Platinum and Graphite Greys to Onyx Black.

colour range Midnights DESSO carpet tile collection with Baux acoustic panels


A clean slate for simple statements,  and a cooperative starting point for  vibrant interior features.  The Neutrals Collection ranges from  Chalk White to cool and stabilising  Ash and Charcoal Greys.

colour range Neutrals Tarkett carpet tiles and BAUX acoustic panels collaboration


Instantly grounding expressions in beige inspired by the building blocks of earth.  In the Minerals Collection you’ll discover classic Vanilla as well as warm and inviting shades in Sand and Dune.

Colour range Minerals from the Tarkett DESSO carpet tiles and Baux acoustic panels collaboration


A voyage from deep and confident  waters to iron-rich shorelines. The Oceanic Collection empowers calm  yet authoritative interiors with Navy and Sapphire blues and spirited Brick Red.

Colour range Oceanic colours from the Tarkett DESSO carpet tiles and BAUX acoustic wood wool panels collaboration


Heat and playfulness bloom in this  colour trio primed for spontaneous  accents and bold interior statements.  In the Florals Collection you’ll find  Blush Pink, Amber Orange and  Cinnamon Brown.

Forest Colour Range from the Tarkett and BAUX collaboration collection


A balanced existence between ground  and sky. The Forests collection offers  colours for building stable spaces  where fresh ideas can grow—with  revitalising greens in Jade, Olive  and Emerald.

Forests colour range from the BAUX & Tarkett collaboration collection

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