Modern and colorful workspace designed with wellbeing in mind, showcasing the DESSO AirMaster collection

DESSO AirMaster®

Classic, Earth, Sphere

DESSO AirMaster: A Space to Breathe

Designed to help improve air quality in living and working spaces, Tarkett has launched a new and improved DESSO AirMaster carpet tile collection.

With its patented technology, DESSO AirMaster carpet tiles capture and retain fine dust 8 times more effectively than smooth floors and 4 times more than standard carpet1. Clearing the air for human and environmental health and well-being and giving us space to breathe.

Colourful and vivid communal indoor area with a modern floor design using the DESSO AirMaster updated colour palette

An Updated Palette

The DESSO AirMaster collection is available in an updated palette of 9 rich colours and 9 beautiful neutrals. Each of these colours has a textural design option - from Classic’s subtle lines to Earth’s dramatic depth and Sphere’s tonal texture. Working perfectly alone, the 3 designs can also be combined to create statement floor plans, such as room centrepieces or workplace zoning and routing. 

Matching colour palette of DESSO AirMaster Classic, Earth, and Sphere carpet tile collections

AirMaster Classic

The AirMaster Classic’s linear design offers spatial depth, shadow play and definition to any room or workspace.

AirMaster Earth

Featuring statement black yarn thread, tonal colour and an irregular, organic pattern, Earth offers dramatic depth and tactility.

AirMaster Sphere

With a handmade, rustic feel and subtle, tonal colours, Sphere adds warmth and texture to modern office environments.

Indoor Air Quality

We are living, breathing beings on a living, breathing planet. That’s why we at Tarkett believe it is essential to protect the air we breathe. Created to help improve human and environmental health and well-being, AirMaster exemplifies Tarkett Human-Conscious Design® - our commitment to create flooring that is good for people and the planet. And to do it every day.

The word breathe in a natural space, showcasing how important air quality is for indoor spaces and for Tarkett's strategy

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Over a decade ago we made a commitment to place circularity at the core of our ambitions. As part of our continuous efforts to reduce our circular carbon footprint we are proud to introduce an improved EcoBase backing, with a new bio-based ingredient replacing a core ingredient formerly composed of petroleum-based content.

DESSO Carpet tiles are composed of yarn and EcoBase backing that can be taken apart for recycling

Our Circular Carbon Footprint

To keep track of the carbon generated and saved over a product’s life cycle, we calculate and externally verify the Circular Carbon Footprint of every one of our carpet tile collections. 

Our closed-loop system ensures that our carpet tiles record an impressively low circular carbon footprint2 – one we're continually working, alongside our partners and customers, to shrink even further.

Circular Carbon Footprint of DESSO AirMaster Classic, AirMaster Earth, and AirMaster Sphere carpet tile collections

Tarkett's Collaboration with Baux

Tarkett has entered into a collaboration with BAUX - world leader in sustainable acoustic sound absorbing products for walls and ceilings. 

A custom colour line has been designed with BAUX, combining its acoustic wood wool interior panels and AirMaster’s fine dust reducing flooring technology, meaning your wall and carpet tiles can now coordinate perfectly to create a healthier, harmonious working environment3.

Harmonious indoor space with matching colour palette interior design using Tarkett flooring and Baux acoustic walls

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1Based on GUI test report AirMaster® 090225-01 DF with DESSO AirMaster® versus a standard smooth  floor and versus standard structured loop pile carpet (median values). 

2 Circular Carbon Footprint: according to the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) S-P-11790 - DESSO AirMaster Classic, S-P-11675 – DESSO AirMaster Earth, S-P-11798 DESSO AirMaster Sphere externally verified by Bureau Veritas, based on the total carbon footprint (Modules A-D) with a closed loop circular recycling scenario.

3Tarkett and BAUX are independent and separate companies. Tarkett does not sell or commercialise BAUX’s products.