Univé head office in Northern Netherlands

Univé head office in Northern Netherlands

2023 | Assen, Netherlands

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A Beautiful Reception

The Univé building in Assen serves both as a store where customers are received and as the head office of Univé Noord-Nederland. The space is graced with a beautiful, contemporary floor that welcomes visitors and employees alike.

A Sustainable Solution

Oving, an architecture agency, was selected to renovate the reception area, however it was important for them to work with a partner who prioritizes sustainability, so Tarkett's ReStart® program was the perfect solution. Additionally, Oving and Tarkett took care of the removal and recycling of the old floorings, which was a great relief for Univé.

A Large Range and Expert Advice

The wide choice of colours and materials that Tarkett offers also played a crucial role in the selection of the floor covering. Oving had the opportunity, thanks to Tarkett's advice, to precisely choose the flooring that best suits the appearance and needs of the Univé building. They chose Tarkett’s iD Inspiration 55 and DESSO carpet tiles.


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Discover the newly sustainable Univé Headquarters, designed together with Oving and covered in Tarkett’s iD Inspiration 55 and DESSO carpet tiles.

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