Allergology and Pulmonology Clinic – Children’s Memorial Health Institute

Allergology and Pulmonology Clinic – Children’s Memorial Health Institute

2021 | Warsaw, Poland

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How colour and design can change the experience of young patients – Allergology and Pulmonology Clinic

The design of the Allergology and Pulmonology Clinic introduces young patients to an entirely different, airy world. The walls display decorative elements that evoke the feeling of lightness, flying and breathing. Signboards in the shape of clouds give a three-dimensional effect while LED lamps have been decorated with printed foil to mimic calm skies.

The room is bright, and although the ceilings are rather low, it feels much more spacious. Soothing shades of blue, which calm children, are contrasted with energising yellows - sunny accents that warm up the waiting area.

Little patients follow the eye-catching decorations with excitement and, most importantly, find themselves more relaxed before examinations, resulting, for example, in improved deep breathing.


The floors play an integral part in this space. The materials used in the project are homogeneous vinyl flooring from the Norma collection. Norma is manufactured using phthalate-free technology and, thanks to its very low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions, contributes to an improvement in indoor air quality. The surface PUR Reinforced Polyurethane protection, as well as the low maintenance and simple cleaning, make the floor ideally suited for high traffic health care facilities.


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The careful use of colour, top-quality materials and multifaceted decorative elements has allowed us to create spaces where young patients can relax before examinations.

Designer/ Architect

Katarzyna Klimek, Floor Design Manager CEE

Building owner

Children's Memorial Health Institute in Warsaw