The circular journey of DESSO carpet tiles sustainable design and manufacturing process

The Beauty of Circularity DESSO

Carpet tiles

The Beauty of Circularity

For us, the beauty of circularity is about the beauty of the reused materials that go into our products, the innovative manufacturing processes we implement, and the knowledge that we’re actively cutting down on waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

Our approach to circularity focuses on three key areas: Design, Materials, and Circular Journey. 


Rooted in Cradle to Cradle principles, all our design decisions start at the end – the perfect place for new, and renewed, beginnings. While designing for functionality and aesthetic appeal, we design for circularity, too – for the multiple long lives our products will live.

Circular design principles in action: Yarn and Ecobase carpet backing


To limit the use of virgin raw materials, we cooperate closely with partner companies across industries, actively recovering valuable materials otherwise destined for waste. We already incorporate calcium carbonate from the local drinking water industry in our carpet tiles, but we’re not stopping there.

We’re actively on the lookout for robust new partnerships that would enable us to keep more healthy material resources in the loop.

Collaborative efforts towards resource conservation: Recovering valuable materials for a circular economy.

Circular Journey

We recognise that we are responsible for the full life cycle of every material we work with. Through our pioneering take-back and recycling programme, ReStart®, we recycle separated yarn and backing in our carpet recycling centre in the Netherlands without loss of quality, all the while complying with stringent health and environmental standards. 

We don’t do it alone, of course – our network of committed partners helps make this circular journey possible.

Embracing the circular journey: recycled content from the yarn and backings of our carpet tiles

Our Circular Carbon Footprint

Together with our holistic design approach and carefully considered materials, our closed-loop system ensures that our carpet tiles record an impressively low Circular Carbon Footprint – one we're continually working, alongside our partners and customers, to shrink even further.

Circular Carbon Footprint: according to the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) S-P-05827 – DESSO Recharge & Retrace externally verified by Bureau Veritas, based on the total carbon footprint (Modules A-D) with a closed loop circular recycling scenario.