Family District

Family District

2023 | Milan, Italy

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The goal of the redevelopment of the 1500 square meters of the Family District School was to create a unique and elegant nursery that is both stimulating and safe for children.

The ambitious goal of the Planning and Interior Design Studio, Studio Tenca, was to create a design that reflected the importance of children's education and well-being.

The classrooms were carefully designed to provide a welcoming, yet functional space, adapted to the specific needs of pre-school children. Each classroom was designed with bright colours and made with high quality materials, in order to stimulate creativity and encourage the children's cognitive development.

Tarkett’s sustainable Linoleum flooring from the Etrusco collection in the Bfl version was chosen for the classroom floors and the Linowall Wall Covering was used to protect the walls from stains, scratches and wear. Both floor coverings were installed in the olive colour tone.

Photographer: Riccardo Gasperoni


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Take a look at the bright and exciting new classrooms of the Family District School in Milan, covered in Tarkett’s Etrusco and Linowall collections.

Designer/ Architect

Studio Tenca

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Family District