Jeroen Pit Huis

Jeroen Pit Huis

2022 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Connecting the hospital and the home

The Jeroen Pit House in Amsterdam is the equivalent of a nursing home for chronically ill children and their families. Its purpose is to connect the intensive care unit of the hospital with the home, by providing medical care and equipment to the child and the family, in a comfortable and cozy environment. Lastly, it contributes to a safe, easier and long-lasting transition back home.  

The Jeroen Pit House contains eight apartments, a communal living room with an open kitchen, a colourful playroom, a gym, a nursing station, a central bathroom and meeting rooms. It is located on the grounds of Amsterdam UMC, so it is a short walking distance from the hospital, and it has a direct view of the garden.

Various floor coverings from Tarkett were installed on each floor:


InstallerVLAQ Project design 


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Designer/ Architect

Brique Architecten (building architecture) / Concrete Amsterdam (interior architecture)


Dura Vermeer