The newest evolution of EcoBase carpet tile backing sees bio-based pine rosin replace a petroleum-based resource

The Evolution of Ecobase

DESSO Carpets

Continuously Circular

Circularity is an ongoing journey, never complete. A path of steadfast commitment: continuously improving materials, nurturing collaboration and creating products that reduce our environmental impact and celebrate the beauty of circularity.

Our carpet tiles are designed for circularity — composed of two key components, yarn and backing that come together just as neatly as they can later be taken apart. Our latest milestone is the evolution of DESSO EcoBase® backing — by incorporating a bio-based ingredient from a new cross-industry partnership, we have achieved our lowest footprint yet and continued to demonstrate our dedication to circularity.

Continuously Collaborating

Circularity is a collective effort. Our customers play a vital role in our pioneering take-back and recycling programme, ReStart®, in which we recycle carpet yarn and backing at the end of their long lives.

As well as nurturing existing relationships, we are actively pursuing robust new partnerships to keep more material resources in the loop. Our EcoBase backing collaborations include a decade-long partnership with the Dutch drinking water industry to upcycle calcium carbonate; our new affiliations transform pine rosin, a by-product of the Scandinavian paper industry, into a bio-based ingredient for our carpet tile backing.

The evolution of DESSO EcoBase backing introducing a bio-based pine rosin that replaces a petroleum-based material

Continuously Improving

Restless innovators, we are constantly seeking ways to evolve our products and enhance material choices. Our newest evolution of EcoBase carpet tile backing sees bio-based pine rosin replace a petroleum-based resource, resulting in a 5% material change.

This subtle, yet impactful, adjustment reduces each tile’s Circular Carbon Footprint by on average 20%1, our lowest yet, and we remain focused on shrinking this further. With continuous innovation, EcoBase remains 100% recyclable and Cradle to Cradle Gold-certified, thanks to DESSO’s closed-loop system.

yellow DESSO carpet tile showcasing the updated and improved EcoBase backing

Continuously Committed

Over a decade ago we chose to place circularity at the core of our ambitions as a company. Today we remain steadfast in that commitment.

Every day we continue our journey, making sure DESSO EcoBase carpet tiles are always, without compromise, continuously circular.

colourful DESSO carpet tiles moving in a circle, which represents the DESSO circular journey


1 Circular Carbon Footprint: according to the product specific Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) S-P-13143, S-P-05827, S-P-08559, S-P-08561, S-P-09339, S-P-08952. Externally verified by Bureau Veritas, based on the total carbon footprint (Modules A-D) with a closed loop circular recycling scenario. Published March-June 2024

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