JEX Rotterdam

JEX Rotterdam

2023 | Rotterdam, Netherlands

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JEX is a young software solutions company that has recently experienced exponential growth. As a result, the company recently moved to De Brug, the former headquarters of Unilever in Rotterdam. The office measures 133 meters long, floats 25 meters above the old Blue Band factory and can host 800 to 900 employees.

The design

Tétris Design & Build, the design experts chosen for this project, decided to base the interior design on JEX's three core values – connection, energy and courage. Additionally, the client did not want a traditional office garden, since this could cause noise pollution and hinder the beautiful view. So the Tétris team opted to preserve the view, by designing various workspaces with diagonal lines and different colors, creating design perspective and connection.

Hard and soft floors

The Tétris designers consciously chose DESSO Jeans carpet tiles in three colours to create an energetic and joyful ambiance. They also chose Tarkett’s iD Square floor covering, for workrooms and consultation offices that differ in shape and size to create sheltered areas containing individual and group workstations. Tarkett's sound-absorbing floors were quickly and professionally installed by Holland Floor International BV, so that JEX could move into the building within 4 months.


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Designer/ Architect

Tétris Design X Build


Holland Floor International BV

Building owner