iD Square

  • 37 contemporary patterns and decors
  • 15dB sound reduction
  • Resistant to scuffs, scratches and stains
  • Easy to clean and maintain

iD Square has the largest variety of designs & colours on the market in 3 different formats: 50 x 50 cm in classic and timeless designs, 66 x 66 cm in modern designs and 25 x 100 cm wood planks. The colours and formats can be combined for greater design flexibility to create inspiring transitions that reflect the image and values of your company. With the added benefit of acoustic performance, iD Square also encourages serenity and efficiency at work. Treated with our Top Clean surface protection for easy maintenance and extra resistance to scuffs, scratches and stains.

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CE Marking EN 14041
Product type ISO Heterogeneous poly(vinyl chloride) floor coverings (ISO 10582)
Domestic classification (ISO 10874) 23 Heavy
Commercial classification (ISO 10874) 34 Very Heavy
Binder content Type I
Format Type Tile, Plank
Items per box 9, 5
Surface per box 2,250 m², 2,220 m²
Light reflectance value 20,9, 15,17, 13,54, 30,67, 14,57...
Surface treatment PU Mat
Total thickness 4,50 mm
Wear layer thickness 0,80 mm
Total weight 5195 g/m²
Installation method Loose-Lay
Declaration of Performance # 0120-0067-DOP-2014-11
Slip resistance (EN 13893) µ ≥ 0,30 (DS)
Thermal resistance (in m²•K/W) 0,04
Furniture leg effect No damage
Impact sound reduction (ISO 717-2) - ∆Lw 15 dB
Slip resistance (DIN 51130) R9
Castor chair effect (ISO 4918) No damage
Chemical resistance (ISO 26987) Not affected
Underfloor heating Suitable (maximum 27°C)
Colour fastness to light (ISO 105-B02) ≥ 6
Dimensional stability 0,10 %
Phthalate content Phthalate-free (except recycled content)
TVOC emissions after 28 days (ISO 16000-9) Platinum (≤ 10 µg / m³)