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Lively and interconnected, playfull and colourfull, welcome to Tarkett City designed by Constance Guisset Studio, one of the major figures of French design. Our new edition inspires you through collections and projects to help you create your ideal space. We have looked into every segment, from school to hospital, to collective housing to workplace and store, and experimented with unexpected mixes and uses of our materials. Designing a caring city for all, and placing circularity, health, safety, and collective well-being at the heart of our thinking.


Play Together

The office as a playground, open plan and collaborative. Create an atmosphere, welcoming and comfortable, sustainable and stunning  to foster health and happiness through soft sounds, better air quality and defined spaces.

Modular office with Tarkett LVT flooring and carpet tiles

Play for the Future

Awaken curiosity with colours and textures, design spaces to nurture health and well being for all. Better air quality, less noise and a stimulating environment open to everyone, encouraging interaction and expression.

School rendering with Tarkett linoleum and vinyl flooring
School rendering with Tarkett linoleum and vinyl flooring

Play it safe

Consider every user from patients and healthcare workers, families and cleaning staff. Choose good materials which are designed for the senses, resistant and easy to clean, flexible and adaptable. Protect all health, protect the planet. Offer a setting that supports recovery and rehabilitation together.

Healthcare space rendering with Tarkett homogeneous vinyl


Play it Cozy

Choose textures and colours never forgetting health and well-being. Choose good materials designed for all collective housing, sustainable, easy to maintain and renovate. Create an uplifting feeling with conviviality and affinity all around.

Collective housing rendering with Tarkett heterogeneous flooring
Collective housing rendering with Tarkett heterogeneous flooring

Play to remember

Let customers get lost in a welcoming atmosphere, a charming experience. Through light and colour, surface and texture, offer everyone a unique point in time, an unforgettable evening.

Restaurant rendering with Tarkett LVT and carpet tiles

Experience at Play

Captivate, draw in close, play with the many materials and textures. Offer a unique experience for customers to enjoy, extend their pleasure and keep them wanting more.

Shop rendering with Tarkett carpet tiles and LVT floors
Shop rendering with Tarkett carpet tiles and LVT floors


Open the Playbook and uncover the full potential of Tarkett materials.

And ReStart!

All the collections you've seen through the PLAY have been curated by Constance Guisset Studio from our Circular Selection. This Selection gathers collections that are eco-designed with end-of-life recycling in mind. This means both installation and post use waste can be collected and recycled into raw materials to produce new floors through our ReStart® take-back and recycling programme.

tarkett sustainable flooring collection for recycling

Our Circular Selection is:


ReStart® take-back and recycling programme

Join our ReStart® take-back and recycling programme and rest assured your flooring will be collected and recycled into raw material to be used in new Tarkett flooring. 


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