Tarkett made in local in Narni, Italy

Made in Italy

Tarkett flooring made in Italy

Exquisite Italian craftsmanship for premium linoleum flooring

Experience the allure of Tarkett’s linoleum flooring, crafted with Italian precision and passion in Narni. Discover the rich history of our manufacturing site, the essence of Italian lifestyle know-how, and why choosing a flooring made in Italy benefits our European customers."

In Narni, Our linoleum flooring is meticulously crafted with Italian precision and passion, delivering exceptional quality and beauty to enhance your spaces.

A rich history of manufacturing excellence:
Tarkett Narni boasts a rich history that spans decades. Established as a manufacturing site in Italy, this facility has been at the forefront of linoleum production, upholding a tradition of excellence. Through continuous innovation and technological advancements, Tarkett Narni has become a trusted name synonymous with superior linoleum flooring.

Italian lifestyle know-how:
Our linoleum flooring embodies the essence of Italian lifestyle know-how. Italy is renowned for its commitment to craftsmanship, design, and style. At Tarkett Narni, we blend these elements seamlessly into our linoleum flooring, creating a product that reflects the elegance and sophistication associated with Italian culture.

Experience the excellence of our linoleum products, made with European craftsmanship and eco-consciousness, benefiting both customers and the planet. Choose Tarkett linoleum floors for a greener future!

Why choose a product made in Italy for European customers?

Timeless beauty: Italian linoleum flooring from Tarkett exudes timeless beauty that transcends trends. With a wide range of captivating designs, colours, and patterns, our linoleum flooring allows you to create spaces that are as unique as our customers are.

Superior quality: crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our Tarkett linoleum flooring meets the highest standards of quality and durability. Tarkett's commitment to excellence ensures that each floor is made to last, providing long-lasting performance and satisfaction.

Design aesthetics: Italy is renowned for its design heritage, and our Tarkett linoleum flooring captures the essence of Italian aesthetics. From classic elegance to contemporary chic, our flooring options are designed to transform any space into a work of art.

Sustainability at its core: Tarkett prioritizes sustainability in its manufacturing processes in Italy. Our linoleum flooring is made with natural and renewable materials, contributing to a healthier indoor environment and a greener future for our planet.

Supporting local economy: by choosing a product made in Italy, you support local artisans and the Italian economy. Tarkett Narni is proud to contribute to the rich tapestry of Italian craftsmanship and provide employment opportunities within the local community.


Experience the allure of Italian linoleum with Tarkett

When you choose Tarkett linoleum, you embrace the legacy of Italian craftsmanship, the timeless beauty of our linoleum flooring, and a commitment to sustainability.

Contact us today to explore our range of captivating linoleum flooring options for your European projects.

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